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Martial Artist
Personal Trainer
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Sifu Lance Brazil SFG is a talented martial artist with a 4th-degree rank under the renowned Dashi Steven Baugh, also known as Dashi Chuan Sheng. Based in Las Vegas, Lance is an integral part of the acclaimed stunt team, "The Arhat Orphan Brotherhood," known for their breathtaking action sequences and status as one of the city's best stunt teams. Beyond his impressive stunt work, Lance is a dedicated martial arts practice with expertise in Northern Shaolin (Bak Sil Lum), Tai Chi Praying Mantis, and Kettlebell training. His certifications from StrongFirst and Onnit have made him a respected authority in the fitness industry, and his published fitness articles showcase his knowledge and passion. Lance's commitment to excellence continues to inspire and motivate those around him to reach their full potential.


"The Power is there.  Just Plug into it"




Lance Brazil

4255 Spring Mountain rd #C200A

Las Vegas, NV 89103

Tel: 702-480-3870

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